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About Us

We are proud to consistently provide top quality automation engineering services across a broad spectrum of industries. Our experienced engineers have the flexibility and responsiveness that a competitive market demands, and we will always exceed your expectations. With CRS as your partner in automation, we can work together to realize your vision for success.


What can we do for you?

Computer program code on a screen

Build brand new applications programmed to your needs.

Engineer technician controlling robotic arms on computer laptop

Provide qualified personnel to assist you in your setup and trials phase.

Supplier with engineer checking on production in factory

Provide qualified personnel for production support and users training.

Chief engineer and project manager in modern industrial factory with robot arms talking and planning

Perform adjustments to your current applications in order to optimize them.


Build new projects or adjustments for your new products introduction.

Industry workers

Build new functionalities to your existing applications upon request.


Our engineers are familiar with several industry standards including: